Hendi iVide Plus Sous Vide Slow Cooking Thermal Circulator 2200W/230V 130x145x(h)330mm


• These Hendi high precision sous vide slow cooking thermal circulators come with temperature control and 4inch Touch Screen interface and an App to manage it remotely.
• The thermal circulator slow cooker fits to any round or flat cooking vessel with a minimum depth of 16.5cm using a clamp with optimal performance up to 80 litres.
• Working temperature between 5°C to 99°C, with 0.07°C accuracy.
• With exceptional temperature stability.
• The timer can be set between 1 minute up-to 99 hours.
• The slow cooking thermal circulator has a low level water protection sensor that switches off the sous vide in case of accidental use without water.
• Comes with a circulating pump that eliminates any cold and hot spots
• With a temperature sensor to prevent overload and overheating.
• Carry Case as Standard.
• IPX7, can withstand splashes and accidental submersion.
• App: The sous-vide slow cooker thermal circulator has a precise temperature setting that can be controlled from anywhere with the use of the dedicated App that has a collection of over 600 recipes.
• For this Sous Vide Thermal Calculator Hendi has done all the testing and research for you, which means:
o No more the need to scouring the internet for information.
o Recipe Memory: Store your own times and temperatures.
o Cook History: For greater HACCP control store your last 10 cook times and temperatures.
o Multi device cooking: Control Several cookers form one app.
o Notifications: to confirm when the water is at set temperature, and the food is cooked.
o Cook time complete: No need to worry, the app will keep the food at the optimum temperature for holding.
o Multi-language Control: The first ever multilingual sous vide cooking app.

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